Thank you all so much!

So I got an email that said this blog has turned one today!

I just want to thank everyone who has been patient through the times of no posts & have been there & liked &/or reblogged my first 1,000 note post, which was not too long ago!

If not for all of you, this blog would’ve been long gone probably, but you kept it alive & thank you so much for supporting me support my favorite & one of the best video game franchises of all-time, The Legend of Zelda!

Here’s to another year!



Rough painting of Sheik drawn for fun a few days ago. I love the light-armor look of Sheik’s Hyrule Warriors redesign! I also wanted to try recording again, and videocaptured this while painting, and made a little video out of it to amuse myself - Click here for the sped-up process video on YouTube.

This is an absolutely stunning piece. I love this more than words can explain.